Our advertising partners

Between our flagship titles, Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar, and our other Special issues, we've had clients from small business to large enterprises, who have realised that the British Asian community is best targeted with ethnic titles.

Below are just some of the clients we've worked with over the last 4 decades.


Rational FX

We have worked with Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar for almost 9 years.It is amazing how much this advertising has helped lift our Brand and voice within the Asian community and we have seen an increase in sales over years directly attributed to this campaign. 

Paresh Davdra, Sales and Dealing Director

Sow & Reap

We have used Asian voice and Gujarat Samachar paper  for several years now and have built up a very good working relationships along with a fantastic rapport. You always go the extra mile to ensure you give us the service we require. We are now extremely busy as a result of our recent series of advertisements promoting our new projects we are delighted continue to use you for many years to come due to the value for money and excellent personnel service provided.

Suresh Vagjiani, Director

Response UK

We have have been working with Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar since 2010. We have received an excellent service and rates for many of our property clients. Suffice to say, we are happy to continue our working relationship throughout 2015.

John Woolcock, Managing Director

Southall Travel

We have been advertising with ABPL Group, publisher of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar for over 8 years and I must say  consistent advertising has worked for us!

Jaymin Borkhatria, Sales Director