Our vision is to inform, inspire, entertain and enlighten the community. We will safeguard the trust that our readers have invested in us and consolidate our reputation as a source for reliable, independent and, above all, enjoyable reading material

Asian Business Publications Ltd (ABPL) has been publishing Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice in the UK since 1972, during which time we have always striven to put the needs of our community first. In over 52 years of continuous campaigning, we've managed to build an intimate trust with our readers and advertisers.

The key to our success has been our abiding and uncompromising commitment to the interest of our readers. Over the four decades we’ve learned a lot about their likes and dislikes, their changing lifestyles, their interests and their priorities. Equipped with this invaluable insight we offer the latest news with in-depth reports and analysis on issues of particular importance to British Asians.

Our readers have a unique relationship with our titles and they expect a depth of coverage, and a level of insight, that they simply don’t get elsewhere, despite the recent entry of other ethnic titles, websites, television channels and which the national press still isn't able to provide for their needs. We have not compromised on the crucial elements that our readers expect from us: therefore we continue to be the most informative; our columns the most definitive; our analysis the most incisive; and our comment the most thought provoking.

We continually champion the cause of our readers, reporting on their successes and their failures, understand their concerns and influence their thinking. We have always covered the diverse interests of the Asian community with the depth and insight they deserve and for that reason we’ve designed Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar along the lines of a serious quality newspaper.

Every issue brings together news and developments, both National and International, from the world of politics, business, finance, social & community issues, sport, fashion and Bollywood.

Read more below to see a few key highlights of our ongoing journey.

  • Gujarat Samachar is reborn

    The first ever edition of Gujarat Samachar is published in the UK by ABPL. It represents a dramatic achievement by the Editor after arriving from India via East Africa in 1962.

  • And New Life beckons

    Building on the success of Gujarat Samachar and the growing demand for an English language version for the younger demographic and non-Gujarati speaking population, ABPL launches New Life, which would later become Asian Voice.

  • Building on the 1st Decade

    Margaret Thatcher visits India for the first time as Prime Minister. On her invitation Gujarat Samachar Editor C B Patel accompanies her.

    Gujarat Samachar and sister publication New Life launch campaign against 'Immigration & Nationality' issues put forward by the Prime Minister. 32,000 signed applications are collected from the public (later submitted to Mrs Indira Gandhi in New Delhi).

  • Campaiging for the Community abroad...

    Heavy rains cause massive damage to parts of Saurashtra. Gujarat Samachar, along with other organisations, starts a relief fund the proceeds of which are sent to India within a few weeks. Gujarat Samachar representatives vist the flood-hit areas.

  • General Rambuka leads a military coup in Fiji, imposing a dictatorship. The Government, with a majority of Indian origin representatives is overthrown. Gujarat Samachar organises several meetings of Fijian Indians in London to pressurise the British Government to safeguard the people.

  • During a hugely successful and well-attended religious discourse in Preston, £117,000 is raised to dig water wells in drought-ridden parts of Kutch, Saurasthra and North Gujarat.

  • ... and at home in the UK

    The Hare Krishna temple in Letchmore Heath, donated by Ringo Starr, and spritual sanctuary to many British Indian migrants is threatened with closure.

    A long campaign starts to protest this injustice, with key support from Britain's first Asian MP Keith Vaz.

  • Proudly celebrating 25 years in the UK

    Gujarat Samachar reaches a milestone in its history. Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Keith Vaz are among the dignitaries present as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

  • But still in touch with India

    Narendra Modi, then Chief Minister for Gujarat, honours Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice by inaugurating it's new offices.